How to work around $0281 EFI Live Error Code.

What to do when you get $0281 on EFI Live

$0281 is defined as No Data Received. This means that the Flash Scan or the Auto Cal did not receive valid data from the connected vehicle.

To work around this code first make sure that your key is in the RUN position, with the engine not running.

If your key is in the run position then check your connection to the OBDII port and make sure it is not dirty.

If you still are getting error $0281 then you need to check to see if you have power to your OBDII port.

On older Duramax trucks you can check your cigarette lighter/ Aux power and see if you have power there. The OBDII port and the cigarette lighter/ Aux power run on the same fuse and it is very common for that fuse to be blown.

If you continue to get $0281 then you should disconnect all aftermarket electronics (sound system, trailer brake, etc and then try to program the truck.

In the event that you are still getting EFI Live Error Code $0281 then we recommend verifying that your ECM harness has not been damaged. You may need to have your ECM bench flashed or sent to Motor Ops to be programmed in-house. If this is the case please call us and we will advise you on the steps to follow.